our Safety

We are recognized as the industry leader in safe assembly and construction of cooling towers and our safety record proves our long-term commitment to making sure all of our employees return home safely to their families every day.

Our extensive training programs which are specially developed for the rigors of cooling tower construction are the foundation of the safe work methodology that we hold as a core value. We have developed several unique methods to assemble cooling towers depending on the requirements of the project. We select the optimal assembly method to provide maximum safety benefits.

We Work Hard

We work hard to maintain our safety-first focus and we have been recipients of many awards from owners and associations. One of the highlights was being awarded “Best in Class” contractor by the Houston Business Round-table (HBR 2019-2020) and a “Silver” HBR award 2018-2019.

We have completed and passed several Process Safety Management “PSM” audits by many of our clients and have received numerous job site awards for safety audits and program compliance.