When it comes to modular construction methods for cooling tower projects, ICT is an industry expert. ICT utilizes innovation and the most up-to-date safety planning and industry standards  to build strong, lasting towers.

Field Services Group: Assembling New Cooling Towers, Reconstruction and Field Maintenance

Our construction group is the most experienced in North America. Our teams have the ability to assemble a cooling tower in a number of different ways depending on the project requirements. The teams at each of our projects includes Construction Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, Safety professionals, Quality control inspectors  and specialized trades that are the key to our success.

The construction methods we employ are always under review with feedback from onsite teams  ensures we are at the top of the productivity scale without compromising safety or quality. Over the years clients have come to rely on ICT’s professionalism, safe work practices, quality and value as a result we are embedded contractors on many of the largest industrial sites throughout North America.

Specialized training programs develpoed by ICT  for all levels of on site personnel are available at the Houston Area Safety Council (HSAC) and across Canada. As a leader in our industry, ICT understands and commits to Reducing Workplace Accidents & Injuries, Enhancing Productivity in the Workplace, Boosting Employee Morale as we continuously elevate our employees skills through the latest training in our industry.

ICT Field Construction and Service Capabilities:

  • 1.4 million man hours annually and growing
  • Dedicated on-site construction team including project management, supervision and craft
  • In-house Project Management and Engineering Staff
  • Over 60 Field Superintendents at locations across North America
  • Union and non-union construction teams
  • Over 850 trained cooling tower technicians and field trade-personnel
  • Active Human Resource Database for potential personnel including training certificates for locations across North America
  • Weekly Progress, Schedule Reporting and Project Planning with Primavera Software
  • Wide range of Heavy Mobile Equipment (Forklifts, Man-lifts, Work Platforms and Scaffolding)