ICT trained technicians are ready to inspect your system from top to bottom to ensure that your cooling tower is operating at its peak capacity and that all designed components are structurally and mechanically sound. Inspection reports are reviewed by our engineering team prior to being submitted with recommendations, budgets, schedules and long term planning. The reports are entered into our database for future use by our clientele.

Mechanical System Evaluations

ICT completes a full range of services on your operating mechanical equipment, including:

  • General preventive maintenance
  • Vibration Testing
  • Oil changes and analysis
  • Mechanical alignments

All these services will contribute to a more efficient operation of your cooling towers to optimize you cooling requirements.

Material Testing

ICT has equipment and expertise to determine how the current strength of structural members within a wood, FRP and/or concrete cooling towers compare to their required design properties, ensuring the cooling tower is structurally sound and also determine its expected remaining service life. ICT also has the ability to conduct material testing to identify the characteristics of materials, verify material properties, and understand why materials within a cooling tower fail. Testing capabilities include tensile strength, compressive strength, flexibility, impact, heat deflection and corrosion.

Performance Testing

ICT’s range of services also includes comprehensive performance testing per CTI Test Code, ATC-105 to benchmark tower operating efficiency and facilitate evaluations for potential upgrades.