Poorly performing cooling towers cost clients millions of dollars in lost production and higher input costs. ICT’s engineering team will assist in developing a custom repair, upgrade or replacement plan to return your equipment to peak efficiency.

Online Work:

ICT is a pioneer in developing Work Procedures to safely repair, rebuild or replace cooling towers without interrupting plant production. The advantages include:

  • Old becomes new again with staged repair plans
  • Maintain Production – work is done one cell at at time during cooler seasonal periods
  • Cost – no need to schedule an outage, reduced crew sizes, less overtime, better productivity and project control
  • Long Range Planning – facilates ongoing evaluation of repair requirements to target specific areas for the most cost effective utilization of available resources. This helps to eliminate potential surprises or catastrophic events
  • Budget Planning - allows project to be extended over multiple budget cycles with reduced overages
  • Clients can evaluate the improvements improvement of upgraded or replaced components immediately and on an as-installed basis

Maintenance Contracts:

ICT conducts long term maintenance contract work for many large facilities and multinational customers across North America. The advantages include:

  • Annual inspection process by qualified cooling tower technicians
  • Detailed bay by bay and cell by cell inspection reports completed by ICT’s engineering team
  • ICT retains a database of all cooling tower information and inspection reports for our long term maintenance customers
  • ICT works with customers to plan repair work and capital expenditures
  • ICT completes repair and maintenance work on call 24/7/365 with the ability to respond to customers across North America within 24 hours in cases of emergency
  • Competitive part sales: all major OEM’s available, within 24 hour response times