ICT offers custom engineered cooling tower solutions to comply with special project requirements including: site plan constraints, sound attenuation, plume abatement, drift/particulate limits, rooftop installations, seawater and many other value engineering solutions.

Plume Abatement

Plumes from cooling towers may cause several social and environmental issues due to their visibility, the process for reducing the visibility of plumes is known as plume abatement. Plume Abatement options are available for counterflow and crossflow cooling towers.


  • Significantly decreased cooling tower plume visibility, especially beneficial in areas such as airports.
  • Easier permitting process as a reduced plume enhances public perception.
  • Environmental sustainability through water conservation as water is removed from the plume decreasing any water related costs at the plant.

Noise Attenuation

Noise around cooling towers is often a result of water falling through the cooling tower or from fan blades. In order to mitigate noise levels in our cooling towers ICT offers several options, including: low noise fans, sound attenuation baffles and sound walls.

Architectural Exterior Design

Cooling towers designed to blend into their environment. .