ICT maintains an extensive inventory of new, used, and reconditioned parts for all makes and models of cooling towers and components. With over 50 years of experience, we take pride in having the hands on knowledge to provide quick, accurate and quality responses to our customers needs.

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Crossflow and Counterflow components available:

Mechanical Equipment Motors, Gear Reducers, Driveshafts, Driveshaft Couplings, Mechanical Supports, Fans, Fan Blades, Fan Hub, Fan Cylinders, Vibration Switches/Monitors
Drift Eliminators High-efficiency Cellular, Low-clog Waveform, Drainboards, Seals
Water Distribution Risers, Valves, Headers, Nozzles, Lateral Lines, Saddles
Fill Media Film Fill (high efficiency, anti-fouling), Splash-grid, Splash-bar, Block Fill, Trickle Fill
Tower Access FRP Access Ladders, HDG Escape Ladders, Stair Towers (Douglas Fir, Pultruded FRP)
Structure & Hardware Structural Lumber (Douglas Fir, Redwood), Pultruded Fiberglass (tube, channel, I-beam), Connectors/Base Anchors (FRP, stainless Steel), Bolting (304SS, 316SS, Silicon Bronze)
Miscellaneous Fire Retardant Casing, Decking (FRP, T & G Plywood), Noise Abatement, Partition Walls and Fire Walls, Fiberglass Mechanical Access Platforms

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