Exceeding customer expectations

  • At ICT, earning our customers trust is vital. Customer feedback and continual improvement start with trying to think of things from our client’s perspective
  • We take ownership of the process and ensure follow up is timely, fair and balanced
  • We have over 50 years of cooling tower experience and are true experts in the field. Our people are our #1 asset, from engineering to field supervision, many of our employees have been with us over twenty years
  • 24 / 7! We are here to meet your demands! Whether it involves advanced operator training or bringing your plant online after a disruption, we are dedicated to meeting your needs day or night, seven days a week

Committed to executing the project right the first time

ICT is dedicated to establishing good quality management principles and procedures to perform the work right the first time rather than suffer possible change orders, rework and future warranty repairs.